These are forms for mentors to use.

Expenses Forms.  Please claim for your expenses so that we can keep account of the cost of providing the mentoring service, we often have specific grant funding to cover expenses (if you want to give it back that is fine, it can be redirected into unrestricted funds for general use).

Volunteer expense Form PDF version.  Volunteer expense Form Word version.

Completed forms, with receipts should be given to Paula who will get them processed.

Client Assessment.

Are we assisting you  This is a form for use with your client to help explore and define where the client has been helped and what would be useful in the future.

Client Agreements.

These agreements should be signed by clients at the start of their engagement with CCN, it is good to get two copies signed at the same time, one for the client to keep and one which is filed in the “office” in St Stephen’s.  Mentors should note their commitment as stated in the agreement.

My Agreement with Community Chaplaincy

NFA My agreement with Community Chaplaincy