Walking through the gate.

Most of us would have no problem walking through this gate, undo the catch, gently swing the gate open, then stroll through.

However, for guys leaving prison, walking through the gate, like this one at HMP Norwich is tough.  Keeping outside of the gate is even harder.

If you have spent a number of years in prison, life outside is daunting.  Many things may have changed, and if you want to make a fresh start in life the challenges are huge.

A CCN team of walkers (Clare, Gabby, Martin + his dog Guinness, Mel, Ralph) are taking part in the Walking 4 Norfolk challenge to walk a combined distance 375 miles, this is the distance from Norwich Cathedral to Notre-Dame de Paris.  The walk starts on the 12th of May.

About the team.

We have three very good walkers, two “okay” walkers and one very fit dog. We are all busily practising our French, just in case we make it across the Channel! Our aim is to raise the profile of our relatively new charity, raise funds to support our amazingly generous Mentors, lose weight, get to know Norfolk Highways and Byways and not get lost; however, if we do, we hope it will be near a refreshment stop! Two of our walkers are tracking the Weavers Way, starting in Great Yarmouth.

Follow the team on https://walking4norfolk.com/walking-through-the-gate/

Just click on the fundraising link below.