Community Chaplaincy Norfolk (CCN) is a Christian charity which supports men and women leaving prison in Norfolk.


To train and provide mentors for our clients as they look to rebuild their lives. 


To see our clients become integrated, confident and fulfilled members of the community.


We respect each individual, of whatever faith or none, as being of inherent value, to be given compassion, forgiveness and hope. 

At present CCN works with men in Norwich and Wayland prison, and with men and women in Peterborough prison. We accept referrals from both men and women waiting to be released (or following release) from prison into Norfolk.

The charity is based on the model established by the Community Chaplaincy Association, a growing national network of local projects which harness the resources available within faith communities, particularly volunteers who give their time to support those who are seeking to make a fresh start after leaving prison.

How does it work?

CCN employs a Manager who is responsible for the selection and training of each volunteer who offers their services to the project.  The Manager is also responsible for assessing potential clients and liaising with the prison authorities, probation and other relevant agencies and to allocate clients to mentors.

We are based at the warm and welcoming St Stephen’s Church cafe in Norwich City centre.

The client journey

Our work is not time limited.  Once accepted as a CCN client, a mentor will meet the client several times in prison prior to release, to build up a relationship and identify the kinds of support they will need to achieve their goals.

On the day of discharge, we try to meet each client at the gate and accompany them to their accommodation, probation etc and make sure they have all they need as they leave prison. This is followed by regular appointments with their mentor to discuss their progress and work through any challenges.  Using a secure database, records are made of each visit.

The wider community

Norfolk has a rich diversity of services available to help clients with applying for benefits, support agencies for addictions, and opportunities for voluntary positions, positive activities, training, education or work.  Mentors are there to sign-post clients to these agencies and to explore options with them.

Open to all

CCN is not part of the prison system and, while it is “faith based”, it is not attached to any one denomination.

We welcome clients and mentors of all faiths and none.

Video of our work.

This film made in 2019 shows something of our work and includes contributions by both clients and mentors.

Interview with a Mentor and Client.

Tom and Chester Tom And Adie

This is one of our Mentors Tom and one of our Clients Adie. They were interviewed by Radio Norfolk in June 2022, listen to there story on the two links below.

Our latest report.

CCN Trustee Annual return 2020-21

If you need to visit or contact someone in prison see this link; for details.