Community Chaplaincy – Norfolk is a Christian service supporting ex-offenders to successfully rebuild their lives after prison. 

At present CCN works with men  in Norwich and Wayland prison but we are accepting referrals from both male and female offenders right across Norfolk.

This service is based on the model established by the Community Chaplaincy Association, a growing national network of local projects which harness the resources available within faith communities, particularly volunteers who give their time to support those who are seeking to make a fresh start after leaving prison.

The Community Chaplaincy programme in Norfolk is run by a Co-ordinator who is responsible for the selection and training of each volunteer who offers their services to the project.  The Co-ordinator is also responsible for assessing potential clients and liaising with the prison and probation authorities.

When an offender makes an application an initial assessment is carried out by the CCN Co-ordinator. If accepted as a client then a mentor will meet the client a few times in the prison before discharge to build up a relationship and to identify the kinds of support they will need to achieve their goals.

On the day of discharge we try to meet each client at the gate and take them to their accommodation, probation etc and make sure they have all they need as they leave prison. They will then meet up regularly with their mentor to discuss their progress and work through any challenges that present themselves.

To learn about our history and see some evidence of the effectiveness of the project please read this report.

The Journey So Far